Technology Platforms

ANNAX Technology Platforms

The vehicle platform is the central communication node of railway vehicles. It coordinates and controls the application installed in the trains, like the CCTV system, the passenger information system, the vehicle GPS positioning or the automatic passenger counting system. The related data can be transferred to a land-based operating control centre (OCC). Future applications on the trains can easily be integrated into the existing platform. The data transfer between two trains (decentralised), and between train and OCC, via GSM/GPRS or WLAN, is encrypted. The decentralised vehicle platform on trains combines CCTV, automatic passenger counting and the customer information system via a unified IT platform, which allows resources of communication (GSM,GPS, WLAN) and system management (positioning, software distribution, status messages etc.) to be shared by different applications. At the moment, more than 700 vehicle platforms by ANNAX are in operation.

ANNAX offers the following three types of vehicle platforms:


Railvox5 is based on the ANNAX OFRIS SW Framework and represents the most innovative system architecture for passenger information available on the market. It was developed specifically according to the standards and requirements of high-speed railway traffic. This platform combines the advantages of a centralised data base and control via Voice-Over-IP communication, UIC, and it uses WLAN/G3/G4-extensions to connect with a GPS positioning system and the display control via a software platform. MMI terminals for available SW updates and diagnosis purposes are part of the system. The system is also capable of multi-traction operation.
Railvox Light is the ANNAX platform for tram and short-distance traffic. It was developed specifically for the requirements of passenger transport in urban environment. Based on IP technology, Railvox Light offers functions like display control, CCTV and analogue announcements for emergencies. WLAN, GPS and the fleet management system allow the installation of configurable extensions to the system. Railvox Light is also capable of multi-traction operation.
Railvox Metro merges the best features of the Railvox 5 and the Railvox Light technology platforms. Based on IP technology it offers sub functions like automatic announcements, displays and display control, CCTV, redundant analogue announcements, WLAN, GPS and connection to a fleet management system. It is capable of both single- and multi-traction operation.



















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