ANNAX - Who We Are

ANNAX was founded in 1996 through a management buy-out and emerged from a division of the company BOSCH. Since then, ANNAX was able to become a leading supplier in the market of passenger information systems through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. The ANNAX Group consists of 6 companies in four countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and China) and the number of employees has increased from 10 to over 240. Together we develop, design and manufacture a range of products, solutions and services for worldwide application in the public transport sector as per EN50155. The service offering of ANNAX is characterised by technological value added.


ANNAX - Railway Product Overview

ANNAX offers a wide range of products and solution to the railway industry. You can find an overview of our products for different applications here.


ANNAX - Our Technology Platforms


Railvox5 is based on our OFRIS SW Framework and represents the most innovative system architecture for passenger information available on the market. It was developed specifically according to the standards and requirements of high-speed railway traffic. This platform combines the advantages of a centralised data base and control via Voice-Over-IP communication, UIC, and it uses WLAN/G3/G4-extensions to connect with a GPS positioning system and the display control via a software platform. MMI terminals for available SW updates and diagnosis purposes are part of the system. The system is capable of multi-traction operation.



Railvox Light is the ANNAX platform for tram and short-distance traffic. It was developed specifically for the requirements of passenger transport in urban environment. Based on IP technology, Railvox Light offers functions like display control, CCTV and analogue announcements for emergencies. WLAN, GPS and the fleet management system allow the installation of configurable extensions to the system. Railvox Light is capable of multi-traction operation.


Railvox Metro merges the best features of the Railvox 5 and the Railvox Light technology platforms. Based on IP technology it offers sub functions like automatic announcements, displays and display control, CCTV, redundant analogue announcements, WLAN, GPS and connection to a fleet management system. It is capable of both single- and multi-traction operation.



ANNAX - Our Value Adding